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HTC Transit-Oriented Development Plan

Study Overview

  • Led by PennDOT, in partnership with the City of Harrisburg and the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority.
  • Team is developing conceptual scenarios for transit-oriented development at the Harrisburg Transportation Center (HTC) and surrounding Market Street corridor.
  • Plan will promote:
    -- Train and bus ridership.
    -- Multimodal connectivity.
    -- Walkability and accessibility.
    -- Re-use of properties such as the former U.S. Postal Service building and former Patriot News buildings.
    -- Sense of place (cohesive and distinctive design).
    -- Economic development.
  • Centerpiece of project was Visioning Week, September 19-22, 2016—opportunity for the public to guide development of several conceptual designs for the TOD study area.
  • The flood potential of nearby Paxton Creek was identified as a critical concern through the public engagement activities. An evaluation of Paxton Creek is currently underway in coordination with the City of Harrisburg and other stakeholders. The results of this study will aid in the conceptual scenario for the TOD.
  • Work began in June 2016, with plan completion expected in mid-2017.
  • The preferred TOD scenario may advance for further study and/or implementation through future multidisciplined public and private sector efforts.

Project Area Map

  • Image Source: Michael Baker International
  • Focus is on a four-block area behind the station between State and Mulberry Streets, Cameron Street, and the train tracks.
  • Former U.S. Postal Service building—a large underutilized site on Market Street—is of particular interest for redevelopment.

Visioning Week Highlights (click arrows for more photos)

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is an appealing and convenient mix of businesses, residences, and public areas in clusters around transit stations. The Harrisburg Transportation Center Transit-Oriented Development (HTC TOD) Plan is producing conceptual scenarios for TOD surrounding the train and bus station.
Visioning Week, held in September 2016, was the centerpiece of a multifaceted public engagement strategy for the HTC TOD project. The study team has also conducted stakeholder interviews, intercept surveys of area pedestrians and motorists, and an online survey.
More than 100 people participated in person in Visioning Week events, with 252 people weighing in by online survey to express their ideas on transit-oriented redevelopment surrounding the Harrisburg Transportation Center.
The consultant team, in coordination with PennDOT, the City of Harrisburg, and the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority, specifically sought input on opportunities and challenges related to walkability and accessibility, culture and history, neighborhoods, redevelopment and reuse, and economic development. In all, 17 public sessions were held, including discussion groups, workshops, and study area tours.
The ideas collected through Visioning Week shaped multiple conceptual design scenarios for the TOD study area. The design concepts were unveiled at an open house on December 6, 2016.